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Building a Patchwork Brain to Study Neurological Disease

Oct 11, 2018
Scientists at UCSF and Boston Children’s Hospital have developed a new technique for making mice with brains that combine the genetics of two different mouse strains.

‘10,000 Immunomes’ Database Opens a Window on Healthy Immunity

Oct 10, 2018
Scientists at UCSF have assembled a searchable database of normal human immunity that researchers can now use as an instant comparison group in studies of the immune system and immune dysfunction.

Genetic Risk Factor for Erectile Dysfunction Identified

Oct 9, 2018
In a new study discovered that variants at a single site on Chromosome 6 are associated with a significantly higher risk of developing erectile dysfunction.

Artificial Kidney Technology Explored to Make an Artificial Pancreas

Oct 5, 2018
UCSF’s Shuvo Roy has spent the better part of a decade working on technology that could lead to a a surgically implantable bioartificial kidney. Now he is also working with UCSF colleagues to turn that technology into an artificial pancreas.

Talk on ‘Butt Cancer’ Tackles Taboo with Humor to Win 2018 Postdoc Slam

Oct 3, 2018
Ten UCSF postdocs competed to explain complex research in simple language – and in three minutes or less – in the third annual Postdoc Slam held Sept. 26.

Major AIDS Conference returns to Bay Area After 30 Years

Oct 3, 2018
The 23rd International AIDS conference, AIDS2020, is returning to the Bay Area for the first time in 30 years, with leadership from UCSF and the International AIDS Society.

Six UCSF Scientists Awarded NIH Grants for High-Risk, High-Reward Research

Oct 2, 2018
The National Institutes of Health has awarded six NIH Director’s Awards to early-career UCSF scientists – a record number for the University.

Present at Creation of Nobel-Winning ‘Checkpoint Inhibitor’ Therapies, Immunologist Looks to the Future

Oct 2, 2018
UCSF’s Max Krummel was a graduate student in the laboratory of Nobel Prize winner James P. Allison, PhD. Now Krummel is leading an ambitious project at UCSF to expand immunology and immunotherapy to understand and potentially treat new diseases.

UCSF Health and John Muir Health to Build East Bay Cancer Network

Oct 1, 2018
UCSF Health and John Muir Health signed a letter of intent to develop a cancer network designed to improve prevention, diagnosis and treatment for patients throughout the East Bay.

UCSF Unveils New Electric Shuttles, Moving Toward Goal of All-Electric Fleet

Sep 29, 2018
UC San Francisco is adding 15 new all-electric, zero-emission transit vehicles to the intercampus shuttle fleet that serves UCSF employees, faculty, students, patients and guests.

Chan Zuckerberg Biohub Awards $13.7M for Collaborative Research Programs

Sep 28, 2018
The Chan Zuckerberg Biohub announced awards of $13.7 million over three years for seven teams that include researchers from UC Berkeley, Stanford University and UCSF.

MEDIA ADVISORY: UCSF Unveils New Electric Shuttles, Moving Toward Goal of All-Electric Fleet

Sep 28, 2018
UCSF is adding 15 new all-electric, zero-emissions transit vehicles to the inter-campus shuttle network that serves UCSF employees, faculty, students, patients and guests.

To Address Homelessness Effectively, Clinicians are Learning What It Really Looks Like

Sep 28, 2018
To teach future doctors, nurses and pharmacists how they can advocate for systemic changes and how to improve their interactions with individual homeless patients, UCSF provides an elective course each fall.

With Virtual Reality, Dentistry Students Zoom Through 3-D Teeth

Sep 28, 2018
The UCSF School of Dentistry is adding virtual and augmented reality for its first-year students.

UCSF Incoming Class 2018: By the Numbers

Sep 28, 2018
This fall, UCSF welcomes over 900 new students. Check out an infographic highlighting some fun facts about this new crop of future clinicians and researchers.

Students Share Their Moments from 2018 Back-to-School Season

Sep 28, 2018
New and returning students are sharing their back-to-school experiences using the hashtag #UCSFBackToSchool – see what they are up to.

Wearable Defibrillator Lowers Sudden Cardiac Death, but Only When You Wear It

Sep 27, 2018
Researchers at UCSF find wearable cardioverter defibrillators lower mortality among those who wear it as prescribed.

Genetic Predictors of Lifespan Studied in Whites and Asians Don’t Apply to Black Youth

Sep 27, 2018
The ends of chromosomes are protected by specific DNA sequence

UCSF to Establish Latinx Center of Excellence

Sep 26, 2018
The UCSF School of Medicine announced that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Health Resources and Services Administration recently awarded Alicia Fernández a four-year grant to create a UCSF Latinx Center of Excellence.

New Tourette Disorder Genes Come to Light

Sep 26, 2018
In DNA sequencing study of TD, UCSF researchers and their collaborators have unearthed new data suggesting a potential role for disruptions in cell polarity in the development of this condition.